MGMT’s cover for their new album ‘Congratulations’ is a serious early contender for the best cover of the year, and it seems that the psychedelic zanyness portrayed on the cover was exactly the style the band was aiming for in their much-anticipated follow up to “Oracular Spectacular.”

Much of MGMT’s success has been due to their megahit singles such as the Grammy-nominated “Kids” and the spectacular “Electric Feel,” but the band made it clear long before the follow-up was released that they weren’t going for the same level of pop this time around. They weren’t planning on making “Kids pt. 2,” and they said that if listeners go in expecting that, they will only be disappointed.

Instead, “Congratulations’ skips the pop and marches straight into Wonderland, and the result is an album full of insane 70′s spy movie grooves, 12-minute freakout epics and songs called “‘Brian Eno” and “Lady DaDa’s Nightmare.”
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