About Angelo

Portrait by Joshua Lynch

Hi, I’m Angelo. I’m a journalist, social media guru, computer nerd, music fanatic, Seattle University graduate and huge Oregon Ducks fan. I’m currently located in Seattle, WA, and have been living here for 4 years since moving to attend Seattle University. I love it here and plan on keeping Seattle my home for as long as possible.

I spend my work hours at LexBlog, where I am a member of the Client Services Team. We use our top-notch social media skills to help lawyers network and grow their practice using blogs and other forms of social media. Before starting at LexBlog, I was the Online Editor of The Spectator, Seattle U’s official student newspaper as well as a help desk technician for the IT department.

I love pasta, fast cars, football, computers, music, the internet, social media, and sans-serif fonts. I’m a dedicated Apple user, doing most of my work on a MacBook Pro and casual surfing and gaming on my iPad.

In my free time I like to listen to music and DJ, and I’ve been filling dance floors for years. I go by the name DJ Toaster when I’m spinning, and I bring an eclectic mix of house, electronica, indie and hip hop to my sets, and also work on the production end of things creating polished mixtapes on my computer and working with artists such as Bra Strapz and David Kanaga. You can check out my music as well as other artists I’ve worked with on the ohax music portal.

Like any social media “expert,” I have accounts on all of the usual sites. You can visit me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr. If you’re feeling old-fashioned, you can also send me an e-mail.

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